Chapter Three

Who is that Boy?



While he lay on his bed listening to some music, Josh was pondering over the events of the day. That new kid had done something to him. The way Ryan had looked at him was a bit unnerving for Josh. He hadn't intended to stare at him in the hallway, it just happened. Like iron to a magnet, he was attracted to his boyish good looks.

Deep in thought, Josh felt a presence around him and looked towards the door. He saw Ryan standing there with his mouth open and his backpack on the floor. Time stood still for both of them as they stared into each other's eyes. Looking into those brown eyes, Josh felt something stirring inside him. Like a sleeping dragon which has just woken up, he felt the desire to hold that boy in his arms; to kiss that brow of worry off his forehead. He felt something else stir too and that brought him back to reality.

"What the fuck!" Josh sprang up from his bed, throwing his headphones on the floor. That broke Ryan's reverie too and he blushed while looking down.

‘He looks so cute standing there.' Josh wanted to kiss him right then.

"What are you doing in my room?"

"Um... I was assigned to this room by Mrs. Jones."

Josh's heart skipped a beat. "You! Uh...I mean you are assigned to my room."

"Yes, I was. If you have any problems, I can ask Mrs. Jones to..."

"Well, no. Come on in. You can take the bed over there. Don't mind the mess; I'll keep it to my side."

Ryan couldn't understand this guy. During class, he didn't even talk to him properly and now he was chatting with him like they knew each other since kindergarten. But, he didn't mind it one bit.

"So, you're Ryan right?"

"Yeah, I just shifted and it was my first day today."

"Cool. Sorry about the way I behaved in class. I'm a little shy around new people."

"No sweat, dude.  So, what is the usual stuff here? I mean, how do you pass time?"

"I normally listen to music. But other guys swim; play soccer, badminton, table tennis, cricket, tennis, etc. Hell, they'll play anything."

Josh noticed the way Ryan's face lit up when he mentioned soccer and badminton. He so wanted to run his hand over that soft cheek-bone of his, feel that firm jaw line, rub his fingers over those perfect lips.


"I said, I'll get my stuff." Ryan said as he gave Josh a puzzled look.

"Yeah, right."

With that, Ryan got his stuff and started unpacking. Josh watched him throughout the exercise. He almost creamed his pants when Ryan bent down to put his shoes in the shoe rack at the bottom of his dresser and it accentuated his lovely bubble butt.

"I'm finished. I'm going to go check out the campus now. You wanna come?"

"Nah. I'll just kick back in the room. You go ahead."

As soon as Ryan left, Josh whipped out his boner and started jacking off slowly while thinking of Ryan's cute ass. How he wished he could kiss those juicy lips of his; run his hands over those ass cheeks while Ryan moaned out in pleasure; take his sweet, juicy cock in his mouth and suck him dry. With that thought Josh came real hard; the hardest he could remember.



*        *        *


As he roamed around aimlessly, Ryan pondered as to how he would live with this hot guy for the rest of his high school years without outing himself. He cursed his destiny as he felt that he had done nothing to deserve this.

He looked around himself. This school was huge. Set in a 30-acre campus, it had most of the sports facilities you could imagine. Just overlooking the dormitories was the soccer field. To the right of the field was the swimming pool and towards the right were four clay courts for lawn tennis. Further down, they had two hockey fields. Towards the right of the hockey fields, one could see the cricket nets and the left side housed two basketball, four badminton and two squash courts. The badminton courts were inside a huge auditorium, where the school had its morning assembly. North of the basketball courts were the school gym and the parking area. West of the lawn tennis courts, one would find himself standing in the cricket ground. The only buildings on the campus were the dorms, the gym, the swimming pool and the school building. The school building was situated west of the auditorium and was huge.

Ryan took a full round of the campus and returned back to the dorms to find Josh sleeping. He stood next to his bed for a while admiring the beautiful boy in this serene form. Josh had half a smile on his face and Ryan wondered why. He pulled a chair over to one of the two windows and sat down.

Ryan stretched his long legs and rested his feet on the windowsill. He looked forward to a new year and the fresh start that he had planned. He hoped to put the past behind him and keep it there. He didn't want the sour memories of his bickering parents to play a spoil sport here. He decided that come what may, he would neither let his parents' relationship nor his sexuality affect the wonderful life which awaited him here at Newford High.

He got up and went over to his bookshelf and took out his favorite author, Ken Follett's Code to Zero. Ryan had fallen in love with Ken's style of writing immediately after reading his book, The Third Twin. A good book had always been Ryan's weakness. Give him a book he liked and he could sit for hours and read it. He plopped down on his bed and started reading the book.

It was several hours later that he realized that his stomach was growling. He got up and made his way over to Josh's side.

"Josh. Hey buddy, wake up!" he said while shaking him.

"Huh! Wha...? What happened dude?" Josh replied after trying to rub the sleep away from his eyes.

"I was going out to catch a grub and thought you would like to too."

"Man...Great idea. I'm famished!"

He got up and brushed his hair and put on a pair of denims. It showed off his ass perfectly and Ryan couldn't help but stare. He caught himself just in time as Josh turned around. Still, he couldn't take his eyes of Josh's now exposed chest. It was well defined with a slight dusting of hair on the chest. He had a perfect set of abs and a lovely treasure trail that disappeared inside his pants. Josh didn't notice Ryan staring as he was looking for his shirt, which he soon found on the nightstand.

Josh looked towards Ryan, who quickly looked away. "Come on, let's go."

They didn't talk much on their way to the cafeteria. After getting their trays, they sat down on a bench not quite far from the exit. The cafeteria was almost empty as it was still early for someone to be having dinner.

They made small chit-chat during the course of the meal in which Josh told Ryan about his family background, his interests and other miscellaneous stuff. Ryan was pleased to find that they had complementary tastes in everything. Ryan liked to eat Chinese while Josh preferred Indian; Ryan listened to Korn while Josh was a Billie Holliday and Placido Domingo fan.

"Wow, dude. We complement each other like a couple." Ryan remarked and immediately flinched but continued while covering his faux pas, "...married for centuries."

Ryan relaxed as Josh burst out laughing. He joined him too and they sat there for a few minutes until their laughter dissolved into large grins.

"I believe you are into sports, right?" Josh asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Ryan nodded and replied, "Yeah, I play badminton and soccer. And I like table tennis too."

"Will you be trying out for any team?" Josh inquired.

"I dunno. Maybe, but I'm not sure if I'm that good," Ryan stated.

Josh brushed his comment away. "Bullshit! That's for the coaches to decide."

Not much was said after that and the duo left for their room in silence. On the way Josh suggested that they check out the common room. It usually had a lot of action going on there. Ryan agreed and they made their way towards the common room.

The common room was situated in the basement of the dorm. It had a library, a table for table tennis, a lounge with a television and a small kitchen where you could cook some snacks. Ryan was impressed by the décor of the room.

"This was all done up by the new Warden. If you had come here a few years back, this place would have looked like shit," Josh informed him.

"I like it," Ryan stated.

"Well, want to try some shots at Table Tennis?" Josh asked in a challenging tone.

"Why not? I bet I can beat you in a jiffy," Ryan riposted.

"Hah! In your dreams. Bring it on! Let it be a best of seven," Josh replied back.

They battled for seven straight games. They both were quite good at this game, having played it for years. The matches were close as no one could make out who would win right till the seventh game. They were tied 3-3 at the end of the sixth game and the last one was to decide the winner. As expected, it all came down to a deuce. After saving three match points, Ryan finally took the advantage and finished off the game with a smashing forehand. They had attracted a small crowd which cheered as Ryan took the winning point.

"Hurrah! I won! I beat you! What do you have to say, huh?" Ryan was beaming.

"I'll get you next time," Josh replied with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Nice game, fellas," A guy with black hair and brown eyes said to Ryan while patting Josh on the back. "Can't believe you let him beat you, Summers."

"Hey! He beat me by two points only. No big deal," Josh replied with a pout which turned into a smile.

"Losing is losing, even if it is by two points," Ryan countered and then looked at the black haired guy and continued. "Hi, since Mr. Manners here didn't feel fit to introduce me, I'll do that myself. I'm Ryan Henderson."

"I'm John. John Richardson. Nice game, by the way," John replied and then continued while pointing to two other boys who were standing with him. "And this is Mark Sanders and the one next to him is Scott Jenkins. Our small group, of which unfortunately, Josh is a part."

"Don't pay any attention to him; he's like this with everyone. You play really well. I hope you're trying out for the team." The boy whom John pointed out as Mark smacked the former on the back of his head

"Thanks but what's it with you guys and joining teams? I'll think about it but right now, I'm a bit tired; I'd rather be off to my room now. I'll catch up with you guys later. See you in the room, Josh," Ryan stated with a smile and turned to leave.

"I'm tired too. I'll also catch up with you guys later. Cya!"

Josh and Ryan retired to their room; they went to sleep after completing their assignments for the day.


*        *        *


Over the next few days Ryan fell into a routine and really started enjoying his new life away from all the crap at home. Once or twice his parents called, just to make sure that he was all right, and that was all. Ryan didn't mind that his parents were the least bit interested in finding out how he was actually doing, rather he felt good that they weren't prying. He had no clue about what would happen if they came to know of his deepest darkest secrets. The only solace was his sister, Lizzie, who was in college. She kept in touch with Ryan and was really concerned about him.

Elizabeth Henderson was the only other person who knew of Ryan's sexuality. He had come out to her before she had left for college and remarkably, she had accepted him without any questions. Her only concern was about their parents finding out about this. Ryan had assured her at that time that he would hide this fact from them until he became independent.

Ryan had tried out for the swimming, soccer, table tennis and badminton teams. While the soccer coach, Mr. Henry Thornton had kept him in the extras as there were no more vacancies, he made it to the rest of the teams. As a result of joining four teams, Ryan became quite popular, which he started liking a lot since at his last school, he was a nobody.

Josh and Ryan became best friends as the former overcame his shyness around the latter. Some teachers even began to refer to them as the twins as they seemed to be joined from the hips. While Ryan had pushed his infatuation of Josh to the back of his mind and was content with being his best friend, the same could not be said about Josh. He still harbored the crush he had developed when he first saw Ryan.

Summer paved way for the monsoons and the first term exams were round the corner before any of the students at Newford High could realize it. This resulted in a lot of late night study sessions and 107/3 was no exception. Every night, the duo would spend their extra time trying to cram as much as was possible before the final day. To beat the tensions of the upcoming tests, Josh and Ryan devised a strategy where they would play table tennis for an hour after sitting for a few hours with their noses buried into their textbooks.

On one such night, after studying for three hours at a stretch and then playing table tennis for another hour, Ryan decided he was too tired for more and retired early. It was also the same night where Josh sat on his chair, looking at the sleeping form of his roommate, brooding about the stark fact that lay there in front of his eyes.

Josh didn't know what came over him, but at that moment, with a look of utter desperation on his face, he made his way towards Ryan's bed. He stood there for a while thinking about the consequences.

‘Ah! Fuck it!' he thought.

He bent down over the peaceful form of the boy he had come to love from the core of his heart and ran the back of his finger from Ryan's chin to his cheeks. His face was barely a foot away from his own and he could feel Ryan's breath on his lips. Just as he was about to lower his head, he froze.

Looking up at him, with an expression which told him of confusion, horror and puzzlement, lay Ryan James Henderson.