Chapter Four

Happy Times Ahead?



God was sitting in His study while He peered over a huge pile of documents. He tossed a few files in the shelf labeled ‘Out' and sighed.

‘Tell me why I have to do all this?' He asked to no one in particular.

It was difficult to find a chartered accountant, a lawyer or a software engineer in Heaven and as a result, He had to do His accounting the traditional way, without any help. Just as He was about to go through an important quotation for the new harps He had ordered, the door to His study flew open and a very disturbed St. Peter walked in.

"I apologize for disturbing you My Lord, but there seems to be an emergency," St. Peter said after catching his breath. He had come running from Heaven's Communication Centre.

"What is it, now?" asked The Almighty in a slightly unnerved tone.

"Err...The Boy is considering taking premature retirement," St. Peter replied cautiously, aware of how much the man in front of him disliked the ‘S' word.

God sprang up from his chair, throwing the quotation file aside. "WHAT!!"

"Y-Y-Yes My Lord," said a cowered St. Peter.

"This is not good. Not good at all." God was pacing up and down, obviously in a lot of thought.

"We did not anticipate this. What do you wish to do sire?" queried St. Peter.

"Send a guardian angel to protect him under all circumstances. It is still too early for us to consider the final option," God said after a few seconds of cogitation.

"Very well, My Lord," St. Peter left at once to follow His orders.

God sat down on His chair with a frustrated look on His face.

"They never mentioned this in the job description! I'm sure Lucifer would be enjoying a hearty laugh out of my predicament," were God's last thoughts before He got engrossed in His files again.


*        *        *


"No Ryan! NO!" Jessica shouted as she banged on Ryan's door.

"Go away, Jess!" Ryan shouted back.

"I will NOT let you give up like this!" Jessica yelled but then continued in a more subdued voice, "Listen Ryan, I know that you are going through a bad time. We all are. But you have to hang in there, baby. Now come on, open this god damn door before I call the warden."

After a few moments of silence, Ryan opened the door and let Jessica in. She immediately enveloped the sobbing boy in a hug.

"Hush! I'm here now. Everything will be all right," she said in a soothing voice as tears threatened to engulf her too. She continued to pat his back in an effort to calm him.

Unknown to both of them, there stood a very pleased angel behind them, God's very own archangel, Gabriel. He was the one responsible for sending a signal to Jessica about Ryan's condition. Gabriel satisfied that Ryan was out of danger now, returned to report to St. Peter about the turn of events.

"That was a very silly thing to think of, Ryan. Promise me that you'll never try it again." Jessica's tone left room for no arguments and Ryan nodded his promise.

"Good, I have to go for my theatre club meeting now. I'll check on you later. And I want no; I repeat no untoward incidents, ok?" Jessica warned.

"Uh-uh." With that assurance, Jessica left for her meeting as Ryan plopped down on his bed.

His thoughts went back to his boyfriend, Josh and to that fateful night when he had woken up just as he was about to be kissed by him.


*        *        *


Ryan freaked out and pushed Josh away so forcefully that he fell down from the bed. Josh, too shocked to do anything, lay there as though in a trance.

Ryan didn't believe what had just happened. He didn't want to believe it, for he had acknowledged the fact that Josh was uncharted territory. He had already accepted that he couldn't have Josh that way and now that Josh came on to him, his mind was reeling. His heart told him to jump for it, but his mind, where he had decided that he would not let his sexuality screw up his life this time round, was screaming otherwise.

As this battle was raging inside Ryan's head, Josh got up and went over to his side of the room. He pulled up a chair and sat down facing the window overlooking the soccer field. The window gave him a perfect view of the scenery as the room was on the second floor.

Ryan sat there thinking about this latest development. Another thought went through his mind. What if this is all a joke? A trap to lure Ryan out of his closet. However, would Josh, Ryan's best friend, descend to such low levels? Ryan was brought to reality by the sound of muffled sobs coming from Josh's direction. All doubts set aside; he rushed to his mate's aid, ready to comfort him.

"Josh...I um..." he began but Josh cut him off.

"I fucked up big time, dude. I didn't mean to do that. It just... Please don't hate me." Josh's tone touched Ryan's heart to the core.

It was an overwhelming emotion and at that moment, Ryan realized that he had never stopped liking Josh. He believed he had, but he hadn't. Over these months, that infatuation had turned to something much more. Tears started flowing freely from his eyes and he took the sobbing boy in front of him in his arms.

"Never. I can never hate you Josh. You have no idea how much I wanted that," Ryan said.

Josh pulled back from the hug and looked at Ryan. His face had a mixture of emotions on it. Happiness, excitement, hesitance, longing all mixed into one.

"Do what?" he asked mischievously.

"This." With that, Ryan kissed him on the lips. It was a slight peck at first, as though he was asking for permission to enter. When Josh opened his mouth to suck Ryan's upper lip, a low moan escaped the latter's closed mouth and it opened involuntarily.

At that moment, the moon came out from behind the clouds and bathed the room with moonlight, which until that moment was dark. It was as though God himself was blessing this couple and indeed, He was. With each passing moment, the moonlight grew stronger and washed upon the two beautiful boys locked in an embrace, kissing each other. It was a heavenly moment; a moment signifying the merging of two souls into one; a moment when the two boys looked into each other's eyes and pledged their love for each other without uttering a single word.

Both the occupants lay in each other's arms savoring the warmth that one got from being next to the one you love. They talked about their lives, Ryan telling him about the situation at home; about his sister; his hometown. In return, Josh told him about his life.

Josh was born and brought up in Newford. His dad, Matthew Raymond Summers, was the owner of a multinational company, MS Group of Industries. His mother, Joanne Summers, ran an annual beauty pageant and owned a company that produced an assortment of beauty products. The Summers household was, as a result, quite well off, a fact which royally irritated Josh.

Shortly after midnight, silence fell over the room as the boys went over the dramatic events of the night. Ryan, in particular, was in deep thought. Josh had flown in and totally messed up his mind. On one hand, he was ecstatic over the latest development but on the other, a little voice in his head, the same which had convinced him to take the decision of remaining inside the closet when he arrived here, was screaming that this was not meant to last and that being gay would land him in hell.

Another voice, the one that said this was right, pointed out the calmness he received from Josh. How could this be wrong when it felt so right, right? Ryan did the only thing he could think of - he kissed the boy sleeping next to him from the back and slipped an arm under his while spooning him from behind. Josh sighed in contentment as much as his half-asleep state allowed him.


*        *        *


Josh woke up the next morning with something hard poking him in the back. He smiled, remembering the most memorable night of his life and turned towards the person who made it possible. Ryan, feeling Josh move, also came back from the land of dreams.

"Morning, sweet-chums," Josh said as he kissed him.

"Eww! Morning breath," Ryan joked. "And what's with the name calling?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"The fact that the most important person in my life is in bed with me and in my arms?" replied Josh.

Ryan playfully pushed Josh back and got up from the bed. "I'm going to take a shower. Care to join?" he asked Josh seductively.

Josh responded by jumping off the bed, grabbing his towel and smacking Ryan on the ass. He gave a mischievous smile and made his way towards the bathroom with Ryan in tow.

The bathroom was not the usual communal showers. Instead they had small enclosures where one could take a bath; and they had locks on the doors. Opposite the bathing enclosures were the toilets and the wash basins. The bathroom, which was for four rooms, housed five bathing enclosures and toilets. Fortunately, the enclosure was large enough for two to three people and the duo had no problems in occupying one.

Ryan adjusted the temperature as Josh hung both their towels on the wall clasp. There was an awkward silence as they turned towards each other. Slowly and hesitantly they removed their clothes, seeing each other in a state of undress for the first time. While Ryan had seen Josh shirtless, the latter had no such luck. Ryan was very shy around Josh and Josh never went to the swimming pool.

But now, as Ryan removed his clothes, Josh could see that the boy was well-developed. Due to his active nature, he had a natural definition to his body. He had a perfect pair of pecs - not too bulging but defined. His chest tapered town to a flat washboard stomach and a slim waist - a flawless V-shaped body. He wasn't too bad in the equipment department also. Ryan had a small bush of black pubic hair surrounding his uncut dick. He was quite well endowed which was evident even while he was soft. His penis rested on a set of low hanging balls. Josh felt himself get hard at this perfect specimen of maleness.

As Josh undressed himself, Ryan admired the lithe figure in front of him. Josh, being an athlete as well as a tennis player, had a well-defined chest, great biceps and a vigorous figure. His best feature was his abs and Josh took great pride in showing them off for they were every teenager's dream. Josh removed his boxers and Ryan moaned in excitement as a beautiful semi-hard uncut dick came into his focus.

Both of them undressed, they got under the water hugging each other. Silence reigned supreme as Josh reached behind Ryan for the washcloth. He poured a generous amount of shower gel on it; never breaking eye-contact with Ryan for even a second. Ryan closed his eyes and a look of pleasure cast over his face as Josh slowly rubbed the washcloth over his chest. He turned him around and meted the same treatment to his back, at the same time kissing the back of his neck. Josh bent down and ran the washcloth over Ryan's cute bubble butt, which he wanted to touch the first day he laid eyes on it. Convinced that his ass was clean, he again turned Ryan to wash his legs and then moved on towards the final prize. Using the soap as a lubricant, he rubbed Ryan's member to full mast. He then moved Ryan under the spray and washed off the soap, all the while kneeling down.

The soap washed away, Josh took Ryan's hard cock in his mouth and a loud moan escaped the latter's lips. Ryan entangled his fingers in Josh's hair encouraging him to go further. Emboldened by Ryan's move, Josh dove in taking the full length of Ryan's generously sized manhood in his mouth. He worked fervently on Ryan's dick taking him to the point of no return. Ryan tried to warn him, but Josh paid no heed to it; clearly wanting Ryan to cum in his mouth. Ryan resumed pumping Josh's oral crevice with his dick till a wave of pleasure shot over him starting from his toes and going up to his balls and out of his cock into Josh's eager mouth.

Totally spent, Ryan leant onto Josh for support as the latter milked the former's cock dry. Recovering from his post orgasm bliss, Ryan knelt down and offered his service to Josh. Josh stood up and acceded to his demand. Ryan pleasured Josh in the same way as he had been pleasured, bringing him to orgasm within a matter of seconds as Josh was way too horny after pleasuring Ryan.

"That was awesome!" Josh panted.

Finishing their shower they made their way back to the room and lay on the bed, which was now a double bed as they had joined the two last night. Josh had a thoughtful look on his face.


"Yeah baby?"

"How is it like to live with both your parents? I mean, your parents are at home when you want them, right? How does it feel?" Josh enquired with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Even if they are at home when I want them Josh, they seem too busy fighting. They don't have time for us. Either they are yelling at each other, or they aren't at home," Ryan replied with bitterness.

"Yeah, but they are involved in your lives," Josh stated.

"They are. But what's the point?" Ryan retorted.

"The point is... My parents never have the time for each other, let alone for me. When I heard you talk about yours with such resentment last night, I was surprised. I guess you never value what you have until you stop having it," Josh sighed.

"It's not like that. You don't know the whole situation. It's.... Look, let's drop it, ok?" Ryan sighed and then leant in to give him a kiss.

"So, my dear boyfriend what do you want to do today?" Josh asked Ryan, who beamed at his ‘boyfriend'.


*        *        *


Life couldn't get any better for Ryan. He was doing well in his classes, his teams were winning and above all, he had a boyfriend. With Josh's promotion to boyfriend status, Ryan's best friend position fell vacant. Steve was quick to fill that gap too and very soon he became an important part of Ryan's life. Another important part became Jessica, whom Ryan came out to eventually. She took it as any great friend would and even guessed the name of Ryan's boyfriend correctly. Yeah, things couldn't get any better.

The only thing that can happen when things can't get any better is - yes, get bad. Till two years after Josh and Ryan hooked up, all was well. And then, the bomb dropped.

Josh was at the State athletic meet when he fell the wrong way while pole vaulting. He fell on his head as a result of which, his spine was damaged beyond repair. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where the doctors informed a devastated Ryan that Josh's chances were bleak.

It's been six months since that fateful accident. Ryan completely retreated into a shell. Jessica became the anchor of Ryan's life and offered her support unconditionally. She was there for him at the worst hours of these six months. She was also there when he tried to do himself away...