Chapter Thirteen

The Battle



“It is a pity, really, how the frail mind of a seventeen year old can be exploited so easily,” Lucifer said. “Once I got to know who and where the Pondera Custodis was, it was a cakewalk for me to capture him. I was rather surprised that the high and mighty Brahma left such a measly human to defend the most important person in the universe. Nevertheless, it suited me and now that I am here, the Libramen would be mine.”


“Never! You may have had Ryan cornered, but you would still have to go through me to get to him,” Jessica said with a braveness that she herself couldn’t feel. She took up a fighting stance, ready to fling bursts of power towards her adversary.


“And us,” said Mark and Scott together.


“No,” Jessica said sternly, without breaking her stance. “John, take the two of them and leave the area immediately.”


“Ah, such false bravado!” Lucifer said with derision. “That is what I love about you mortals; you are such naïve fools, ready to sacrifice everything for someone who’s, as it is, going to die. It is a turn on, really.”


Jessica snorted. “Only you can think of killing people as a turn on.” Seeing that none of the boys had made a move to leave, she spoke again, “Don’t you hear me? Leave now and let me handle this!”


“No, we won’t leave you alone like this,” John said with conviction that belied what he was feeling. “Even if we have to die in the process.”


“You don’t understand…” Seeing no other way, Jessica gave in and sighed. “Fine, do whatever you want.”


“Yes, do whatever you want,” Lucifer mocked. “As it is, once the Libramen’s power is unleashed and the Pondera Custodis is weakened, everything will be mine. The fact that Legos will be completely destroyed in the process and another planet would be added to my territory would be an added perk.”


“Clouds that thunder seldom rain, Satan,” Jessica said sardonically. “If you were so sure of the fact that Ryan would be yours to keep after this, why have you brought these minions with you?”


Lucifer was caught off guard with Jessica’s last comment, earning a smirk from the girl in the process. He immediately knew that his information had been wrong and that Brahma had kept an ace of spades up his sleeves. He had underestimated Jessica and a quick check of her power signature showed him by how much he had done that. His widened eyes were all the indication that Jessica needed to know that Lucifer had realized his folly.


“Enough of this small talk,” he bellowed. “Step aside if you want your life spared.”


“C’mon Lucy, after running that scan of yours, if you still think you can browbeat me, I think you need to get yourself checked into a mental asylum,” Jessica chided, as though talking to a little child.


Lucifer’s anger level rose to a level where it began to show in his physical appearance in the form of a red glow. His body, already not a pleasant sight to look at, became more hideous. A gasp escaped from the boys’ lips at the sight in front of them, as twenty devils showed up behind Lucifer.


The sight took another turn as, at that instant, with a pop of his own, Lord Brahma arrived right in front of Jessica. Several more pops were heard and Jessica heaved a sigh of relief when she felt the presence of several other Gods around her.


The universe is saved, yet again. These were her last thoughts before the battle began and she took up a position to defend Ryan, who was still meditating.



*        *        *



“Where is the Council?” Jessica muttered in frustration a few minutes later. The battle was evenly placed and if the Gods wanted to win it, the presence of the three Gods was necessary according to Jessica.


Goddesses Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Durga came running towards where Jessica was standing protecting Ryan and the other boys. Goddess Sarasvati motioned for Jessica to stand back and Jessica heaved a sigh of relief.


“Go join the battle, dear. I’ll see to it that he gets out of his meditation,” Goddess Sarasvati said.


“And we’ll stand by to protect Her as well as these boys while she works on the Pondera Custodis,” the other two Goddesses said.


Jessica nodded and with a quick nod towards Scott and Mark and a hug to John, she rushed into the battle.


Meanwhile, the other Gods had squared off against each other and were fighting with everything in their arsenal. Lord Krishna was using his Sudarshana Chakra to cut through the Devils’ throats. Lords Rama and Arjuna were using their superior skill with the bow and arrow to shoot down the Devils that could fly. Lord Hanuman was ripping the Devils apart with His superior strength.


Lucifer’s army was also dishing out heavy casualties to the other side. Mahishasur was tearing through the Devas, putting his claws and teeth to full use. Ravana was also using his skill with the bow to shoot down most of the arrows that Lords Rama and Arjuna fired.


Jessica was rushing to help Narada, who was having some trouble with the creatures from the nether world. She used brute power, sending a burst of energy to clear the area of the creatures.


Her eyes narrowed when she noticed who was standing in front of her when the rubble cleared. “I’ll handle him Lord Narada,” she said, turning to face Cornelius.


“You were always a thorn in my master’s plans,” Cornelius said to her, sending a powerful jolt her way.


“I am glad of that fact,” Jessica replied, dodging the jolt and sending a blast of her own at the Devil. Cornelius narrowly missed getting completely singed and got only a few burns. Jessica didn’t wait for the diving Devil to get up and sent another powerful burst of pure energy at him, obliterating him into the nether world.



*        *        *



Lucifer was standing at the far end of the battleground watching his forces starting to wane. Shaking his head, he walked up to the side of the battle and clapped his hands, sending a shockwave that rippled through the Gods and Devas, disorienting them. Looking up, he saw that the graveyard was shielded, obviously to keep the humans out and the battle in.


Smiling at the fact that the tide had turned in his favor, Satan turned his attention to the Goddesses that were near Ryan. He made his way over to the area, ready to strike Goddess Durga.


There was a clap of thunder that shook the entire area. When it was clear to see, Lucifer was surprised to see Lord Brahma standing in front of him, fury visible on all his ten heads. It was a sight that could make the strongest of the person wet his pants, but Satan just chuckled, albeit nervously.


“I did not expect you coming down here yourself, old man.” It was a bit of surprise for him. He had never expected Lord Brahma to secure such a sizable force for Ryan’s defense in such a short notice and then turn up Himself. There was obviously a leak somewhere and he intended to find out the traitor as soon as possible. Right now, he saw no other option but to fight, and so Satan sent a bolt of lightening at the God of Gods.


A searing look from The Creator was all that it took to disintegrate the bolt that was rushing at Him. All attacks from Lucifer met the same fate and when Satan looked around himself, he saw that Lord Vishnu had obliterated half his army and Lord Shiva was taking care of the other half.


Knowing when it was best to retreat, Lucifer took one last look at Lord Brahma and Ryan before returning to Hell, with his army following soon after.


Goddess Sarasvati, having been successful in breaking Ryan’s centre, joined Her husband’s side, placing a hand on His shoulder. Lord Brahma gave a sigh and relaxed His stance.


Ryan had been knocked unconscious due to the events. When Jessica joined Mark, Scott and John, she saw that the boys had a look that was mixed with numerous emotions. Shock, amazement, awe, disbelief, respect and relief, all made their way onto their faces one by one before repeating the cycle.


Lord Brahma walked over to them and said, “Let’s get everyone home.”