I look at him; he is surrounded with his, no, our friends. The ceremony is in full swing, but I am lost in my own world. I am staring at the object of my love and affection; the center of my being, my life and my love. He means so much to me.


A year back we became one, and not a single day has gone by since, where I have not looked towards the heavens and thanked my stars for blessing me with his companionship. He is everything that I hoped for and more. Perfect in every way, giving to all and never expecting anything in return.


Slowly yet steadily, silent tears trickle down from my eyes as I remember those moments in my life that I had blissfully shared with him. An arm wraps itself around me and I lean back into the loving embrace of my sister.


Its time, she says.


I nod in answer, not trusting my voice as I see him for the last time, before a black wall separates my love and me.




There's plenty of food here in the jungle,

but nothing tastes as good as feedback.


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