This story was first published as part of the Gay Authors Summer 2009 Anthology


“Do you really think I should do this?” Andy asked his friends, who had surrounded him.


“Of course, dude. It is now or never. You have to do it or else you won’t ever be able to. Go for it, man!” Mason egged him on.


Andy looked to Melissa for help. Out of all the kids in his group, Mel was the only one who thought with the right brain, even if Mason hotly debated that fact.


Chris was not surprised. He knew that Mel was the one who held the cards where Andy was concerned. “What are you looking at her for? C’mon! You can’t be listening to her at this stage, can you?”


“I don’t know, guys. I am scared shitless to do it and…”


“Mel, say something here, will ya?!” Mason pleaded. “We are doing this for Andy…together, as a group. Don’t you want to see him happy?”


“Umm…yeah. Bu…”


“Andy, if this goes alright, will it make you happy?” Mason asked, ignoring the irritated look that came across Mel’s face at being cut off.


“Absolutely!” Andy replied, with a dreamy look.


“See?” Mason concluded. “Now tell him, Mel.”


“Uh…Andy…I think you should…” Melissa began.


Chris, knowing what she was about to say, cut her off. “Great! Even Mel agrees. Now would you go do it, please?!”


Andy sighed, “Okay, I might as well do it. Wish me luck, guys…”


“Best,” mumbled his three friends, but Mason could not take any chances. For good measure, he gave Andy a nice shove in the right direction. Andy, taken aback by the sudden change in gravity, successfully maintained his balance. He looked back in annoyance, but continued walking forward.


Meanwhile, Mason turned to Chris and whispered, “He’s going to get whacked, isn’t he?”


Chris just nodded, Melissa rolled her eyes.


“Oh no…” Chris groaned and then pointed at Andy, who was still looking at them while continuing to walk. Mason groaned as well while Melissa covered her eyes just as Andy walked straight into Lindsey Martinez.


The tray Lindsey was holding flew into the air, and time stood still for a second as the contents fell from their perch.


“This is so ‘High School Musical’…” Mason chuckled.


The food landed on Lindsey’s cheerleading outfit with a deafening, as well as sickening, splat. The entire cafeteria came to a standstill as a look of horror streaked across the face of the most popular girl in school. The look was far worse than the food that splashed on her outfit, but Andy hadn’t seen it, as he was busy looking at Lindsey’s ruined, but wet, shirt.


“Would you go out to the prom with me?” he asked without looking up.


This time, the entire cafeteria groaned, but the one sound that resounded over the din of the groans was of skin hitting skin.


“Ow! That’s gotta have hurt!” Chris remarked. He held out his hand toward Mason, who dropped in a dollar with a sigh.


I’d like to thank Sharon, for it was her editing skills that made this story comprehendible