I stare at him from where I sit in the class.

Once again he has refused to be with me, breaking my heart.

I wonder what happened to those days when he and I would sit together,

Playing stupid pranks on one another.

The shivers of those subtle touches I remember with a fond smile,

As I kept glancing at him every other while,

Thinking that he would never notice. Had I been wrong?

Never before has he left my side for that long.

I run a hand over the cold and empty seat next to me,

Feeling warmth instead, breaking my reverie.

I look into the beautiful eyes belonging to the object of my affection,

A smile on his face, accentuating his perfection.

In that wonderful moment I realize that what I felt in my heart

Had reflected in those eyes right from the start.


There's plenty of food here in the jungle,

but nothing tastes as good as feedback.


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