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Overcoming your tormentors is never easy. It takes a lot of courage as well as support of your loved ones. Can Karan do that?


Word Count: 9,989

Published: 05 Jan 2009


What would you do if you had absolute power? The power to do anything in your life. To control and change everything around you at your will. What would you do if you became God? Would you do a Superman and set out to help the world, or would you let yourself be consumed by power.


Word Count: 29,158

Published: 29 Jan 2009


Arikara has a gift, though to him it feels more like a curse, the ability to know when someone is about to die, to experience their last moments even before they do, but when his ‘curse’ gives him the opportunity to actually make a difference, Arikara sees for the first time that his ability is not the torment he has always believed it to be...


Word Count: 2,753

Published: 22 May 2009



After a trip to nearby ruins, Akshay begins acting strangely, isolating himself from family and friends.  Then a series of murders occur, and Akshay is the prime suspect.  His desperate parents take unexpected action, with shocking results...


Word Count: 1,237

Published: 01 Dec 2008



Something sinister has been uncovered at Orbit Reserve Park and Dr Chawla is right in the middle of it...


Word Count: 2,286

Published: 02 Mar 2009


Sometimes it pays to wait until you find that one beautiful moment, and then do something to turn beauty into perfection...


Word Count: 143

Published: 01 Dec 2008



Come join Mrs. Anjali Shekhar in her living room as she entertains her prospective son-in-law's family.


Word Count: 791

Published: 01 Dec 2008



Grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy. It tears through your heart and renders you lonely. But with time, even broken hearts can heal.


Word Count: 499

Published: 14 Jan 2009



How does a dog find her way from puppyhood to being loved and adored by her human family? Typsy, a Golden Labrador Retriever, reminisces...


Word Count: 731

Published: 01 Dec 2008



In the end we have to say goodbye to everything, and looking back on our memories is all we have left...


Word Count: 179

Published: 01 Dec 2008



A stargazing session takes an unexpected turn


Word Count: 294

Published: 16 Jan 2009



Sometimes simply encouraging is not enough...


Word Count: 494

Published: 19 Jun 2009